How to change 2FA authentication app (TOTP) in GitHub

Published: · Reading time: 1 min

I was a bit stuck and confused initially when I had to change the authenticator app on my phone and enable it on GitHub, luckily it was pretty easy.

Recently I changed the 2FA app on my phone, so I had to also enable it in the GitHub settings.

At first, I thought there would be a separate option to change the authenticator app. And I was looking for such an option under Two-factor authentication in Settings, but couldn’t find such.

Then I used the Edit option on the existing Two-factor method section under the Password and authentication.

GitHub settings 2fa methods
GitHub settings 2fa methods

Which prompted me to authenticate with my existing app.

GitHub authenticate dialog
Authenticate dialog in GitHub

After I authenticated, I was able to generate a new QR code, and this time used my new authenticator app.

GitHub authenticate new app
Authenticate new app in GitHub

Now I can use a new app that I’ve installed on my phone to authenticate into GitHub.

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