MySQL query for an id column with an AUTO_INCREMENT field

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While working on a project for a “Make a Spotify Clone from Scratch: JavaScript PHP and MySQL” course that I’m learning, I encountered an issue with making a query to the database.

The task was to set user-provided data like username, name, email, etc. into the database table. But the query provided in the course didn’t work for me.

I’ve struggled a bit but managed to find a solution.

My setup:

  1. MAMP version 6.8
  2. PHP version 7.4.33
  3. mySQL version 5.7.39

What I had:

  1. The database was set via the phpMyAdmin tool.
  2. There were 8 columns in the database’s users table.
  3. The first column is id with a type of INT and has an AUTO_INCREMENT without any initial value.
Example of users table
Example of users table

Suggested query:

So when I used the provided query it didn’t work for me. The first parameter in the parenthesis is supposed to represent an id column.

mysqli_query($this->con, "INSERT INTO users VALUES ('', '$un', '$fn', '$ln', '$em', '$encryptedPw', '$date', '$profilePic')");

This query returned false. And after debugging as suggested in the course, I received the following error for the given query:

#1366 - Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'id' at row 1

MySQL type error
MySQL type error

So it means that the provided value type was wrong for the id column.


After some of research I’ve found out that for the AUTO_INCREMENT columns, you can skip this parameter in the query.

So, you would set all columns except the first one (the id), and the final query would look like this:

mysqli_query($this->con, "INSERT INTO users (username, firstName, lastName, email, password, signUpDate, profilePic) VALUES ('$un', '$fn', '$ln', '$em', '$encryptedPw', '$date', '$profilePic')");
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